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Become a Donor

By partnering with donors, we empower the champions of Huron County to achieve their philanthropic goals. When you establish a fund at the Huron County Community Foundation, you enrich the lives of people in your community and build a legacy.

We work directly with you or through your advisor to help you build your legacy and support the causes that you care about. We support your giving by helping you design a fund that is personalized and true to you.

We can even help you in designing a giving plan and can share ideas for including your family and future generations in philanthropy. By giving through the Foundation you can:

  • Make the most of your gift by establishing a fund that carries out your charitable intentions in an effective and efficient way.

  • Have a lasting impact on your community.

  • Make immediate and substantial charitable donations that maximize the tax benefits that such donations can provide.

  • Avoid the high costs and administrative requirements of a private foundation.

You choose how you want to give, such as cash, annuities, or real estate, and how you want your funds to be used. You also name your fund and may choose to advise the Foundation of distributions from your fund. The Foundation handles the forms, filings, record keeping and other details and keeps you informed about the funds’ activities through yearly fund statements.

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